International Women’s Day!

I know! It’s been a week! Starting a blog and creating constant content is hard when you are working full time, but you know I wouldn’t miss March 8th… INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY!

To start I want to talk about something I’ve noticed in my day to day life leading up to today. I’ve noticed A LOT of companies are celebrating International Women’s Day with promotions and events and female speakers and that’s fucking awesome! It’s a fantastic way to show the community that people (other than women) are standing with women everywhere.

Now to my real thoughts and the point of today. Women’s Day is a time to celebrate ALL women! One of the easiest things for some women to do is to forget or become unaware (or just don’t know at all) of the inclusivity that feminism and empowerment needs to be. Today is to celebrate not only the women you look up to and admire due to similar interests and vibes, but also a day to celebrate women you may not be “in touch” with or “run” with on a day to day basis. Celebrating friends and family is AMAZING! However, don’t forget to celebrate women of backgrounds that differ from yours. Celebrate ALL races, ALL sexual orientations and identities, ALL abilities, ALL careers (traditional or not), ALL ages, and ALL the choices women have the right to make! Support and celebrate inclusivity because women can do and be whatever they want regardless of all of the labels society slaps on our foreheads for the world to see. It’s easy to celebrate women you identify with, but don’t be afraid to celebrate and support the women of the world no matter their backgrounds and stories

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