Real Bad Ass Babes: Jasmine

Introduction: since this is my first spot light post here’s a little information on how it works. Once a week I’ll be spotlighting women in my life who are not only an inspiration for all women but deserve recognition for marching to the beat of their own drum and are generally just bad ass women! So without further adieu, meet Jasmine!

I met Jasmine in my junior year of high school during a Disney review musical production. At the time I did not think we would end up being friends as long as we have been. She thought I was a bitch because I was quiet and kept to myself and I thought she was a bitch because she ran with her own crowd and had insane talent (we always think girls we don’t know in high school are bitches). Wow, both of us could not have been more wrong! After high school we continued to do musical theater together in college. We played opposite each other in RENT as Maureen and Joanne and continued to hang out on and off throughout college after we transferred to our perspective universities. Now that you have a little background on our relationship let me tell you the reason why I chose to Spotlight Jasmine. Not only is Jasmine a wife and a mother and a fantastic makeup artist she is always genuinely Jasmine. She is a rockstar when it comes to embracing who she is no matter what her societal labels are. I love her flair for the dramatic when it comes to personal style and we usually connect on the fact that people don’t particularly agree with the way we dress or present ourselves as young women.

From what I’ve seen and heard being a mother and a wife is tough fucking work and there is constant pressure to think and act and make decisions based on unrealistic expectations of being a “perfect mother”. Although I’m sure Jasmine, like other mothers, deals with those unrealistic expectations regularly, she handles herself with grace, pride, and individuality. My favorite thing about Jasmine is that she doesn’t follow the societal constructs that tell her to fit into the “mom mold” and yet she is a kick ass mom! Her child is smart, and healthy, and is nurtured, and is loved so so much more than he will ever understand. For those things, Jasmine’s mothering abilities cannot be defined by her age, hair color, or style preference but for the fact she is everything a mother should be and everything a individual should be. Jasmine is a positive influence for all women and girls and I’m lucky to have her as a friend and a confidant!

Connect with Jasmine!
Instagram: @beckiebells

Twitter: @beckiebells

One thought on “Real Bad Ass Babes: Jasmine

  1. This makes my heart smile! I was so honored to be there to watch your friendship grow and to watch you both become beautiful amazing women


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