Current Happenings: New York Women For Office 2021

Into: Once a week I will be taking time to find current events and happenings involving women. My hope is to take knowledge from outside sources and condense them into an easy to read summary for people who don’t have enough time to read a four-page article or just wanna know what’s going on with women in the world without having to do a lot of research themselves.

Since the election in 2016 there have been record breaking numbers of women running for elected office all over the country. The election, the women’s march, the #metoo movement, and the times up movement have all stirred up a hurricane of women ready to stand up and fight for change on a much bigger scale than most are used to or comfortable with, which is fucking awesome if you ask me! However, despite the insane spike of women running for office and being elected into offices nationwide, New York City women only hold 11 of 51 city council seats… 11! That’s only 21.5%! The assembly isn’t doing much better either, women only hold 32% of the seats and in the senate we only make up 23%, that’s CRAZY! So how is this going to get fixed for the very blue New York City? Well thanks to an organization called 21 in ‘21, former and current female elected officials are reaching out to New York women in a personal and hands on way. 21 in ‘21 is an organization working towards a goal of getting 21 women elected to the New York city Council by 2021. In order to achieve this goal the founders, speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, and council members Elizabeth Crowley and Margaret Chin, have set up a one on one candidate development program to give women a chance for success in the 2021 elections. Offering resources such as consultants, fundraisers, and issue experts. Every one on one session is to prepare women for running and planning their own campaign when it’s time for the election race to start. 21 in ‘21 is setting women up for success in 2021 not only because they are recruiting and training smart, diverse, badass women but also using term limitations that take place in 2021 to their advantage in order to achieve maximum results. Pretty lady savvy, huh!?

Look out 2021! New York women are coming for office and they will be ready to fuck shit up!

For more info on 21 in ‘21 and the full New York Times article check out these links!

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