Introduction to Audra

For those of you that don’t know me my name is Audra. I am 23 years old, I have a bachelor’s degree in drama (I know what was I thinking!?), I live in San Diego with my best friend, I’m single, I work a job that has nothing to do with my personal ambitions (but it pays the bills… sometimes), and I am unapologetically myself. My favorite hobbies include karaoke jammin, writing, day drinking with friends, and care free frolicing (whatever that means). I love to dress “inappropriately” according to some people and I curse like a sailor. I believe that women are fucking badass human beings and that we need to stop being shitty to each other and learn to accept one another for who we are. We don’t have to love each other unconditionally however, we should respect and support each other unconditionally in order to get rid of, or at least limit, girl hate.

So I know this introduction is comparable to an about me found on some random social media platform or a tinder profile ready to fuck up the first guy who sends an unsolicited dick pic, but as we progress you’ll learn more about me and soon you’ll know more than you bargained for.

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